For us, the culture of graphic design is the way to build expressive and valuable brands.
And that’s what inspires us.

We are a design studio founded in 2003, based in Curitiba, led by designers Daniel Mazer and Henrique Borges. We specialize in naming, brand, identity, communication, packaging, POS and signage services.


We believe in the visual and creative power of each project that we are involved. We work with honest dialogue and collaborative processes. Welcome to the ideas lab!



The name is the first point of contact between a company and its public. The creation process involves research, pronunciation, writing and also the combination of letters.

Brand + Visual Identity

The brand and the visual identity transform the tangible and intangible values ​​of your business. The service involves brand development, redesign and visual identity – graphic resources, such as shapes, colors and typography that support and sustain the brand.


It is through the packaging that the product ‘speaks’, envolves, protects and differentiates itself from the others at the point of sale. In addition to the packaging design, this service includes the creation of product lines, promotional kits and visual merchandising actions for POS.


The service involves the creation of manifesto, tagline, campaigns, materials and promotional actions, in addition to editorial projects for magazines, books, manuals, among others.

Signage Design + POS

The signage project is design meeting with architecture, the best way to expand your brand experience with consumers and customers in the physical environment. In addition, signage aims to inform and communicate direct and clearly the flow of a given location and also to allow people to move safely within a given space.

Special Projects for Breweries

Located in the national capital of craft beer, Curitiba, we found in the visual identity of breweries and craft beer labels a way to explore its visual creativity. Breweries such as Morada Cia. Etílica, Klein, Dum, F #% * ING beer, Bonato and the franchise network Mestre-Cervejejeiro.com have already tried our recipe. The work was already been recognized at the main event in the sector, the Brazilian Beer Festival (Blumenau/SC): we won the award for the best label design for two consecutive years.